New PDF Anthology Published

A new adventure!

Today I’ve taken a step forward, and set up a shop to sell my new anthology as PDF

I think everything’s OK, but please bear with me as I try and start this new venture

The book is called A Cry in the Dark, and is available here

Wish me luck!


HowDo weProtect ourselvesFrom the invisible? How do we protectOurselvesIsolateFrom the news? Yes, we needTo understandButTechnologicalSpread panicProvidesNo solace WhyAre weObsessedWith knowingEverything? Are we notContentThat all we need to knowWill be givenWhen we needTo know it? FearIs …

Here Stand I

Here Stand I Here stand IAt your cross and sighLonging for a lullabyTo bring me rest where did it gothe old lifeswallowed upIn memoriesToo painful to recall Yet hiding such painI lose myselfIn the shadowsLost …