New PDF Anthology Published

A new adventure!

Today I’ve taken a step forward, and set up a shop to sell my new anthology as PDF

I think everything’s OK, but please bear with me as I try and start this new venture

The book is called A Cry in the Dark, and is available here

Wish me luck!

Falling Arms

Stretch forth those pierced handsTo grasp my ownFor I am lostSo aloneWithout the touchOf the sacred GraspingFor the divineMy hands fallEmpty Tired,I let them fallSurrenderDefeatedBy my own hubris YetI hear you callEchoing deepIn my soul …

Falling Shadows

Shadows are fallingAnd you are callingCome now and restAt the end of the day As the sun’s brightnessGives way to moonlightAnd weary soulsWander to rest I hear you callingAs I am fallingInto the blestHaven of …