Ethereal Smoke

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Ethereal Smoke


I feel I understand
Yet, He dances
Like smoke
Yet ever present

When will I learn
He can’t be described
For He is
Being itself

Am I
Forever destined
To chase the wind
Yearn after shadows
Smoke on a mirror

Or does He do more
Than entice
invite my soul
To enter
The divine dance

For to dance
With Him
Gives me
My soul
My heart

Beyond description
Yet ever near
Closer than my own shadow
Never apart

For humanity
Has always been invited
Yet in typical fashion
Loses the ticket

All dressed up
With nowhere to go
Fortunately, our God’s invitation
Doesn’t close
And doesn’t require

Remind me
When I fret
And worry
About tomorrow
And what it brings
Or yesterday
And what scars
Mark my weary heart’s passage
That the invitation
Still stands

And the smoke
Is just smoke
And a mirror
Is just a mirror
Yet the whisper
In the breeze
Beckons, follow

Come, join the dance!

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