Can You Not Hear?

Can you not hear
The love
That echoes in the night
I am right here
When you cry out
In the depths of the night

I am with you
Closer than your heartbeat
Your racing pulse
Describes your fear

Yet I am here
Ever by your side
Lift your wary head
Still your racing heart
And gaze
Into the dawning day

Reach out
Take my hand again
And know
I am with you

the tent with all its dread
walk the road ahead
Sheltered in my love

Take shelter under my wing
and we will sing
the song
creation has sung
for an eternity

the melody
speaks of a love
Deeper than night
Stronger than death
Closer than your own breath

The creator
yearns to be with you
comes to earth
lives as we do
reaching out
with human hands
with human eyes
hearing broken sighs
like yours

He healed
the blind
the lame
He can do the same
for your broken heart
if you start
and come

To the well
that never runs dry
His love
will satisfy
Your soul

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