Long Highway

The journey is long
I journey on
Through a barren land

Sometimes I see
the path you laid for me
Yet, lost, still
I stumble and fall
Calling out your name

It’s amazing
How each time
You draw near
Yet, why am I so surprised?

You promised
I will be with you
even till the end of time
So why do insist
On believing
You’re gone?

If I calm the rage inside
Let the storm subside
For that voice
Beyond earthquake
and storm
Quieter than the breeze
Calling me
Bidding me welcome

The feast of love
Is always laid
If I dare
To enter
The cave
Where I meet you

My heart
Knows the way
It searches for the whisper
And the cave
The peace
From the storm
My life
Has become

It wasn’t always so
Yet all too soon
The storm
made its presence felt
And tossed
I cry out
“Lord, save me!”

“Ye of little faith”
Lord, I believe
Help thou my unbelief!
Shed the blinkers
Look around me
And realise
You never left

Your love
Is eternal
ever present
I am yours
and you
are mine

My Lord
My God
My Saviour
My friend

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