Teach Me

Teach me
How to be still
My heart
is always racing
As life itself
Seems to have turned
Into a race

Remind me
That there is more
Than one speed
For me to live
It’s not OK
to hurtle through my days

It’s so tempting
To pass them
Like a weaver’s shuttle
Ignore the yearning
for something deeper

Teach me
To walk away
from the race
that life may seem
to have winners
but those who win
gain a prize
that is forever
beyond their grasp

Far better
to turn away
from angry men
who shout
for what the world
can never give

Hush your heart
Learn the way
Of trust
You don’t always have to be
In charge
In control

Your life
is not all about you
my love
will guide you
teach you
that life is more
than hungering after empty promises
for shiny baubles
that once reached
turn out to be
and of the moment

My cross
Is not beautiful
Yet it calls to you
To live
To love
To give
Without cost

Follow me
Drop the nets
Of the world
Free yourself
And come

Follow me

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