Falling Arms

Stretch forth those pierced handsTo grasp my ownFor I am lostSo aloneWithout the touchOf the sacred GraspingFor the divineMy hands fallEmpty Tired,I let them fallSurrenderDefeatedBy my own hubris YetI hear you callEchoing deepIn my soul …

New PDF Anthology Published

A new adventure!

Today I’ve taken a step forward, and set up a shop to sell my new anthology as PDF

I think everything’s OK, but please bear with me as I try and start this new venture

The book is called A Cry in the Dark, and is available here

Wish me luck!

Falling Shadows

Shadows are fallingAnd you are callingCome now and restAt the end of the day As the sun’s brightnessGives way to moonlightAnd weary soulsWander to rest I hear you callingAs I am fallingInto the blestHaven of …