Forward Press Published Poems

In 1999, I submitted a poem, my first to be published, to a publishing house called Triumph House. This is one of many house within a firm called Forward Press. In the following 14 years, I submitted a number of further poems to the same firm. Most of them are in my married name, but the first was in my maiden name, Clare M Boylan. As there was already a Clare Boylan who was an author, I added the initial of my second name, Margaret, to distinguish between us.

Most of my work with Forward Press has been under the name Clare Ashton, but latterly I have learnt that there is another author called Clare Ashton, so, again, I have used the initial of my second name to distinguish. This is why some of the later work I’ve printed, including my two self-published anthologies, have the initial M in the name

I have drawn up a number of tables detailing which work was published in which publication, and what year they were published. Not all of the titles are available to be purchased, however, if you let me know which poems you are interested in, just email me and I will send you a copy. Needless to say, and I hope you understand why, all my work is copyright me, so please don’t take credit for my work.

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