Just a Glimpse

The journey we have as we walk through life is to another place.  Every so often, we catch a glimpse the destination.  We don’t seem to get the time to experience or see all we want to.  Sometimes, we get a glimpse behind the veil, and we see the true depth of life’s ocean we are sailing on

For this life can’t possibly be the end of the story, there is a new adventure waiting for all of us

God beckons us, inviting us to learn, both about Him and about ourselves, to start to learn how to fully live rather than exist on the surface. 

We can all doggy paddle, but we have to learn to swim. Are we content to doggy paddle through life, or do we dare to let the fear of abandonment lose its grip and swim, experiencing what it feels like to do so, knowing that God holds us in the palm of His hand?

Maybe we would learn to regress, and come to the Lord in that wonderfully childlike trust

it’s time to stop the paddling, and start to swim in His endless, eternal love and life.  For life is for living, not simply existing.  Throw away the armbands and swim, don’t let life and love pass you by!  Like Bilbo and Frodo, in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings respectively, it’s time to leave the Shire and follow where the road leads