New Work 2019

2019 has been a very interesting year! From being involved in a peripheral way, at the beginning, with Cursillo England and Wales in my local diocese of Shrewsbury, I have been pushed up the ranks. It was, I hasten to add, with my full cooperation and participation in the process, I describe it as pushed rather than promoted, as I have a tendency to feel others are better than me. It’s a nasty habit, born of being the target for bullies, apparently I’m too nice to stand up for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I can be stubborn and bolshy as the rest of them, and I do, when I can be bothered to let it rip, have a rather fiery temper

So, I am now Secretary in Shrewsbury Cursillo, the National Webmaster for England and Wales, and, as of last year, one of 3 National Vice Presidents. My full title is Vice President Cursillo England and Wales, Shrewsbury Diocese

In terms of poetry, it’s all over the place, but that is a reflection of where I am. Some are cries for help, some are simply the enjoyment of being alive, and realising that people’s opinions of me are just that, opinions. They are based on how much they know me, so some are complete misjdugements, and so I let that be. Those who know me well know, as my husband so eloquently put it, “You don’t do half measures, do you? You go for it full pelt, no wonder you’re worn out!”

I hope you enjoy the journey, the articles and the poems that chronicle my life so far. Of course the anxiety and PTSD have had a major effect on me, but I seem to be finding the edge of the raincloud, and moving into the sun. Here’s hoping I have the courage to keep moving forward!