The Open Stable Door – A Welcome There

The stable door
Is open
You are beckoned in
No questions asked
“Who are you?”
“How rich are you?”

For all are poor
When gazing in that manger
As once more
A stranger
Is welcomed home

Dare we remember
The simplicity
Of such a divine birth
He came to Earth
To save our souls
From sin

Yet we
In the modern world
Drown out
The baby’s cry
The mother’s sigh
Of love

Take time
To forget
And walk away
For Christmas
Is not for
It is
For peace

Still your mind
Your heart
Your soul
Let the Holy babe
In yonder manger
The frantic stranger
Of the welcome there

Gaze once more
On the one who came to die
To remind us
We are loved
We are made
To love
In return

Such an effortless flow

From heart to heart
Human and divine
On bread and wine
Body and blood
Bids us remember

For the one
Who made us
Gave His life,
His very self
For us

Yet, it all began
In the manger
Where a stranger
Is loved
And welcomed

(c) Clare M Ashton
December 2020

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