Fear and Fury

Fury and fear
Through a shattered world
Leaving destruction
In their wake

Do not be afraid
Take time
Be still
Find rest

For the fear’s path
Will sear
Over the mountains
Through the valleys
Yet the earth
Will remain

And so
Will we
For somewhere
Amongst the wreckage
Nature sings
The surreal silence
Will be filled
With birdsong

For God
Hasn’t left
His whisper
Still echoes
On the breeze
And in the trees

We just need
To learn
To listen
Once more
To that still, small voice
That once whispered
On a mountaintop
When the fire
And the wind
And the earthquake
Have passed

He is speaking still
You now
Hear His voice?
Know His name
And nestle
In safety
In the arms
Of a loving  God

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