Lockdown – A Reflection

Can I go walking with you?
Less than two metres apart?
Is making me mad

Can I talk to you
Not on the phone
Or in text
But face to face

When will I be able
To walk along the road
Talk to you
Walk with you
No fear
No masks
Just me
And you

Are my friend
My mother
My aunt
And I can’t see you
Face to face

Even the encounter
In silent reflection
In a pew
In the church I consider
My spiritual home
Is denied me

I feel lost
Not from lack of work
Nor from human contact
But not being able
To enjoy the silence
And the peace I find talking to you

Sitting in a pew
Enjoying fellowship
On a Sunday morning
In a community

I’m sure
We will get there someday
But now
Right now
I feel alone

Is a struggle
I need more
Than sitting
On the edge
Of a bed
Staring out
Only carries us
So far

Remind me I can find you
For where I am
Is where you are
Not in the church
The building
The pew
But in the trees, flowers
The breeze
The rain
The sun
That beams down
Warming my skin

Remind me
You are near
For Lord sometimes
You seem so far away
When the memories haunt
And old fears taunt me
Whisper once more
Into my heart
And bid me remember
You care

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