A Pilgrim Journey – Take and Eat

Take and Eat

Tonight, we are together, and I am at your side
My heart is close to breaking, and these tears are hard to hide
The dawning of a new day, my death will surely bring
As the fear of a nation puts a crown of thorns
Upon it’s chosen King

My time on earth nearly over, my mission nearly complete
But one last thing I ask of you, please take and eat
My body bruised and broken, so battered and so torn
For my dying offers you a chance to die to sin and be reborn

This cup of wine before Me now will be my very blood
Take it now and drink it, for it represents some good
Some goodness in a world that is so evil and depraved
And out of the next dark day to come, many souls will be saved

So, please remember my quest, for you to take and eat
My body and my blood whenever you will meet
I will surely rise again, just as the prophet foretold
And come to give you guidance in days that are so good

And when I leave you once again, to take my rightful place
At the right hand of my Father’s throne, the throne of Grace
I will be among you, whenever you will meet
To praise the One who asked you to simply

“Take and Eat”

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