A Pilgrim Path – The Beach

The Beach

Waves lapping gently on the shore
There, my restless heart will yearn no more
For as it yearns, my soul it turns
To the peace I’m searching for

The waves treat the sand to a loving caress
I walk to greet their embracing peacefulness
A mind and heart free from troubles and strife
To enjoy the presence of God in my life

The joy I feel when I reach the one thing
The lyrics of the song I know how to sing
For I know that the beauty of the sea
Makes my life complete, my soul is free

I’m free to soar, soar like a dove
Dancing and singing in God’s wond’rous love
The love that so oft seems out of reach
Until once more
I step
Onto the beach

(c) Clare M Ashton, 1999

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