A Pilgrim’s Journey – Master, Servant

Master, Servant

Master, servant, broken, torn
Arising with a brand new morn
Love arises with the sun
A new day of hope’s begun

The grave of pain left behind
The joy of life we surely find
The joy you gave Lord, life sustains
Not one speck of sin or death remains

Lord, you turn life upon it’s head
To give us life, You rose from the dead
The enemies that we detest
You say love above the rest

The angels dancing round the tomb
Rejoicing in light, there is no more gloom
The light of Christ, ris’n today
is the Lamp to guide the way

The master of us all is He
The servant of us all to be
To wash the feet of humble men
And show us how to love again

So praise the Father we adore
Living in sin’s fierce grip no more
Thank Jesus, Christ, the Spirit too
And show Their love in all we do

(c) Clare M Ashton, 1999

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