New Poem – Journey to the Manger

So much has been different this year, no celebration of Easter, and Christmas looks like it’ll be different as well. It’s good to know, therefore, that some things never change. God’s love is constant and unchanging, and the babe in the manger is still waiting to welcome us in a few weeks

Journey to the Manger

Oh come, with me
Yes, come with me
As we journey
To the manger

If you belong
Friend or stranger
The stable door
Opens wide
The infant king

Come, worship
For God
Has come
Into this world

And helpless
The creator of the world
In yonder manger

So take your pride
And your fear
And come closer
The One who made you
Lies there

The manger
The shepherds
The wise men
The mother
The father
Welcome you

Come in from the cold
Come young or old
Weak or strong
Black or white
We are all human
And yearn
To be loved

The one in the manger
Has never seen a stranger
For all are kith and kin
And deep within
Bethlehem’s cave
We find
Our peace