Welcome Him There

The world is waiting
The coming of the king

Simple manger
A stranger
Turns them away
No bed
To lay His head
A manger full of hay
Was His welcome

The ox and ass
Bid Him welcome
Cattle lowing
The babe before them
Was their incarnate

The stars on high
An angel lullaby
Gave a voice
Nature grateful
Welcoming the King

Yet the door was closed
On that inn
He was not welcomed by human kin
That night

Will we wait
Leave a light on
Bid Him welcome
In our homes?

He was a refugee
Flying to Egypt
Do we welcome Him
In our hearts?

Walking among us
Giving love
Do we welcome Him there?

Jerusalem’s Hosanna
Made way for His cross
Do we welcome Him there?

The babe in the manger
The manger full of hay
Creator and Saviour
Will you turn away
Or do we
Him there?

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